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Our Services

Sands Construction offers concrete expertise in a variety of styles and finishes. Below is a list of just some of the services we perform:

Stamped Concrete:

 Authentic materials are costly and difficult to maintain. Stamped concrete from Sands Construction offers the authentic, beautiful look and feel of masonry, but lasts longer and is much more cost effective.

Concrete Resurfacing:

 Keeping concrete safe and lasting is a specialty of Sands Construction. Resurfacing is an important part of maintenance that should never be foregone. Our experts know the science of concrete and are sure to have solutions to your most stubborn issues.

Concrete Staining:

Concrete is often called ‘the gray monster,’ but acid staining from Sands Construction can add multiple colors, highlights or shades to finished concrete to create a dramatically different, vivid look.


Over time, concrete degenerates, leaving your driveway patchy, rough and uneven. Without proper attention, these problems can extend themselves to your home as well, creating foundation problems and flooding. At Sands we assess your driveway specifically, tuning the process to fit you and your budget.


Often first impressions are the most important and the same is true of your home or business. Our experts are not just construction menials, but practiced artisans who will play close attention to the details you want noticed when people enter your home or business.


A patio that is unkempt or lacking charm can often be a neglected portion of the home. Patios are spaces meant to be lively and enjoyable and the right idea can create a space you and your family can share year after year.


Concrete steps are strong and lasting. The concrete experts at Sands are fully equipped to create beautiful stairs that won’t wear due to our innovative concrete polymers and finishes.

Sitting Walls:

One great way to add drama to a yard or business is to add a freestanding sitting wall. These short walls can be crafted in many styles to fit your home or businesses’ unique character and are always a point of interest that can’t be ignored.

Retaining Walls:

Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes. In Washington these problems are all too common due to steep terrain and soil erosion. Adding a Sands Construction retaining wall is a great way to preserve the integrity of landscaping as well.

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