Is Stamped Concrete Right for Your Project in Bellevue?

stamped concrete, concrete stampingAre you planning to have a concrete patio or concrete walkway installed on your property in Bellevue, Washington? You should seriously consider stamped concrete. Your contractor can stamp various patterns and/or textures into your concrete before it dries, giving it the appearance of stone, brick, or tile. While this process results in an attractive aesthetic and often increases the value of your home or business, it isn’t for everyone. Give the following considerations careful thought to determine if concrete stamping is right for your upcoming project in Bellevue.


Stamped concrete can drastically improve the appearance of your patio, walkway, or driveway. Your concrete contractor can help you pick a pattern and color that will suit your current aesthetics and style preferences.


Additionally, concrete stamping is a relatively easy process. Compared to laying pavers, concrete is significantly simpler and less time consuming. This means your concrete professional will be able to complete the installation more quickly. You’ll also save money on labor and materials.


While concrete stamping produces beautiful results that require very little maintenance, durability can be a problem. Stamped concrete doesn’t hold up well under pressure, making it less functional for driveways. It can crack over time, but will probably last longer when used to create patios and walkways.


Concrete products, in general, will not last forever. This is particularly true, however, in areas with harsh climates that fluctuate regularly. Expansion and contraction will cause cracking as years pass, a process that often impacts stamped concrete.

Think Concrete Stamping is Right for Your Upcoming Project?

Do you think concrete stamping is right for your upcoming project in Bellevue, Washington? Whether you’re considering stamping for concrete driveways or concrete retaining walls, the experts at Sands Construction in Maple Valley can help. We can also assist with any of your concrete finishing and concrete resurfacing needs.

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